Domestic Cleaning


If you’re looking for a reliable regular domestic cleaner you have chosen the right company!

Best8 offers a tailored regular domestic service which hands over your everyday chores to a professional. Find below what is usually covered within a cleaning service.

Find a below a list of the following tasks that are most commonly covered within our weekly Regular domestic cleaning service:

  • Disinfecting and polishing your Kitchen.
    • Our professionals take huge pride in maintaining and disinfecting the kitchen regularly and leaving it spotless as it should be. Fridge, Microwave, Hobs & splashblack are polished and disinfected. The kitchen bin bags are changed and the bin is disinfected frequently. The countertops are polished and left sparkles. Descaling the sink to insure the limescale has been removed.  Refreshing the cupboards and the handles.
  • Cleaning and Sterilising the Bathroom.
    • Disinfecting & removing limescale is very important in maintaining a bathroom. Our professionals make sure that the bathtub/shower cabinet, toilet and sink are regularly disinfected and descaled. Mirrors are neatly cleaned and polished.  Tiles are maintained and cleaned. Maintaining the bathroom and removing any mould to best of the professional’s ability.
  • Adding comfort to your Living room
    • Wiping and removing dust from surfaces, furniture. Tidying and making sure everything is left neatly.
  • Refreshing your Bedroom
  • Our professionals believe that the bedroom has to always have a fresh sense. The professional covers changing bed sheets, tidying up, clearing out any rubbish. Dusting and polishing any surfaces which are reachable.
  • Hallways and Stairs
  • Polishing and dusting the hallway and stairs including the stair handrails. The front door and the area in front of the door is a must.
  • General Cleaning Throughout your home
  • All reachable areas are cleaned and dusted, cobwebs to be removed and skirting boards thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Bin bags are changed. Vacuuming and mopping throughout your property. Dust is removed from any accessories and cleaned under the accessories.  All reachable window sills and windows are cleaned only from the inside.

As a regular domestic cleaning service we aim to tailor your services making sure that anything you require we are able to deliver. We are more than happy to complete any additional and special priorities.

Additional special priorities commonly requested prior to a regular domestic service. Please note that these priorities will require extra time added on top of your hourly quote:

  • Laundry and Ironing.
  • Organising and putting away neatly folded clothes in your wardrobe
  • Fridge cleaned from inside
  • Oven Professionally cleaned from inside
  • Polishing cutlery
  • Organising cupboards from inside
  • Extractor fan cleaned and degreased.

Frequency of you regular domestic service is very important as you can tailor how often you’d like for our professional to attend at your property. With regular domestic services we understand it’s less frustrating and easier for the same cleaner to proceed attending your property on a regular basis and that is something that Best8 offers!


Hourly Rate £ 12.00
Cost of Detergents £ 5.00