One Off Cleaning


Need a cleaning service on demand and don’t want to be tied up on a regular basis with a cleaner? One off cleaning service allows you to book a One off cleaning service whenever you are available and we will send the professional as requested.

We believe a one off cleaning service is the best way for you to try out our cleaning professionals and for us to introduce you to a professional cleaning company with amazing results.

Our one off professionals are the best in prioritising their time and making it as sufficient as possible with the hours they are given and providing an amazing quality service. This is the perfect option to keep your property maintained and cleaned from top to bottom after events, parties, light building work or if your chores have been building up for some time. Please be aware that the One off cleaning service does NOT include cleaning equipment such as Hoover, mop and bucket and the professionals will be expecting them onsite.

Best8’s team are always up for a challenge so we’d be more than happy if you have any special priorities or inquiries please feel free to give us a call for a free no obligational assessment.

What is most commonly booked in a one off cleaning service?

If you’re wondering if you require a One off cleaning service find below most common requests that are covered in a One Off cleaning service.

Please note adding more priorities will extend your recommended time.

  • Dusting, hovering, mopping the property.
  • Cleaning all surfaces and cupboard.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning Bathrooms and Kitchen
  • Tidying up and removing dust
  • Fridge cleaned from inside
  • Oven cleaned
  • Polishing and removing Lime scale
  • Organising cupboards from inside
  • Extractor fan cleaned and degreased.
  • Reachable Windows cleaned from inside.


Hourly rate £ 14.00
Cost of Detergents to be added to the booking £ 5.00