Best8 offers a highly professional Ironing service which offers staff that mainly prioritises in Ironing and enjoy doing all the laundry and chores for you as we understand how frustrating and draining ironing chores can be.

Our Professionals are highly trained and are able to attend and deliver outstanding results. This service includes a professional attending your property and using your equipment (Iron & Ironing board) to complete all the chores for you at a professional standard.

Please note that the average ironing pieces completed per hour depends on the Iron provided. The minimum booking we can take on and accept for this type of service is 2 hours.

Please find below our average clothes completed within the hour.

  • 8 -10 Shirts per Hour
  • 10 T shirts – 40 Minutes
  • 1 Set of Bed Linen – 30 minutes.
  • 5 Pair of Jeans / Trousers – 30 Minutes.


Hourly Rate £ 15.00